I have had the privilege of being counseled by Violet. Violet's compassion and understanding helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

Her patience and grace helped me to find the necessary strength that I needed as a woman to do the work I needed for my life and kids. Her insight, experience and knowledge of life helped me understand what I can accept in life and what I can change.


Her leadership is phenomenal, she listens with empathy and guides with the Holy Spirit. Her combination of spirituality and counseling is a match that many counselors lack. Putting her above many in the industry.

- Rafiqua

I've known Violet for over 20 years. She is a motivated and hardworking woman who has achieved well in the education industry.

Her commitment and dedication were evident both at an educational level and in the church.

I am impressed with her strong communication skills and her abilities to establish strong relationships with others.

Her sound judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to life and her counseling style.

- Natasha

Violet is a wonderful counselor, she has always been so encouraging, supportive and willing to be there for me. I felt at ease discussing things that were on my mind with her.


She allowed me to let my guard down and express my thoughts. It was a huge relief. She helped me by guiding me with tools, so that I was able to deal with whatever I was facing at the time.


I value the time spent with her, I feel comfortable with her. The time I spent talking with her made me feel lighter. She continues to motivate and support me.

- Anonymous

The counsel that Violet has provided me with, has been a cornerstone in the rearing of my sons. Her guidance taught  me to create a reward system for my sons which has helped them become more disciplined and thrive!

I truly believe that Violet is not only a wise woman but a woman with substance.


She is truly someone I admire and aspire to age like and become someday. Violet has impacted my life and my families lives in such a beautiful way. I could go on but I'll end it there :)

- Zaitoon

It was a real joy to be counselled by Violet, I felt at home in her company from the first day.


She is professional compassionate, sympathetic and caring.  Listens attentively and shares everyday tools combined with scripture to help you work your way to improving a situation.


The therapy was invaluable as it helped me through a difficult patch and I still use the tools in applicable situations.

- Adelaide

Violet helps with the counseling needs in the church. We have a growing church family and strong biblical and professional counseling is greatly needed. Violet  helps the church meets that need.


Violet is an amazing person, with tremendous character.

I’m thankful for the professionalism and Christ honoring service rendered by Violet


Thank you for your commitment on building this all on the foundation of faith and Christianity. I wish you much success and growth to touch as many lives as possible.

God Bless!

- Maureen

Lorraine Colbert

First Lady at Pentecostal Protestant Church (Ext 9)

I have known Violet, for the past 15 years, having worked closely with her in both the church and together doing work in the community.

Violet is a part of our church leadership team. And as an ordained Pastor, she also serves as a lecturer in our Bible School with a heart specifically for abused women and children. She has shown great devotion to the community and the improvement of our members lives through her counseling work.

She holds an excellent reputation within our church especially for her work with the hurt and most vulnerable members of our church. She has such a knack for connecting with people from all different walks of life and this is on of the reasons why she's an asset to our church community.