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Pastor Violet

A healthy & whole life in Christ, is truly within your reach

 - Pastor Violet De Beer

Get to know me

I am a wife, sister, mother to seven adult children (3 biological and 4 non-biological) and grandmother to fifteen grandchildren and great grandmother to three great grandchildren.

Whilst, I'm currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa I have lived and studied in both South Africa and the United States. As an educator and minister I have acquired over 40 years experience in both the Education field and Christian Ministry.

Nine years ago, I felt personally called into the pastoral realm and in 2015 I was officially ordained as a pastor.

As an ordained pastor, I further undertook additional studies and have since been certified as an Abundance and Life Coach as well as being an Neuro Linguistics Practitioner.

Meet Violet

Pastor, Christian Counselor, Life Coach



Christian Ministry

Christian Counseling

Abundance Coaching

Setting Personal Goals

Life Coaching & NLP Practitioner


"The journey towards a healed and whole life begins with the level of vulnerability we are willing to let ourselves experience in the presence of our loved ones and moreover our   Creator


From here we begin your journey to healing."



My Mission

​​Having lived a full life (without disclosing my age, of course) I, like so many of us, have experienced life's toughest challenges.


Challenges in the form of loss, grief, depression, divorce and brokenness. And I have seen the power of the mind, and the mind's ability to re-calibrate and align itself for success. I have also seen the innate desire within us all to get back up, to fight again, to reignite our spirit through sheer determination, grit, connection with others, to love and be loved.


More importantly, I have witnessed God's goodness and grace sweep across my life and the lives of so many others to restore our brokenness and take us from ground to glory.


My mission is to passionately empower women from all different walks of life to reach their full divine potential through personal pastoral counseling. 

Pastor Violet De Beer

My mission & purpose in life

Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.
Proverbs 13:10
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Email address :

Mobile number : +27 76 099 4930

 Open Hours

Monday  - Friday 11:00 - 16:30

Saturday 09:00 - 12:00

Sunday & Public Holidays  - Closed

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